adam hirsch

composer &

recording engineer
in Los Angeles




adam hirsch                                   

composer &
recording engineer
in Los Angeles

I offer recording, mixing, mastering, production and performance services for all manner of songwriters, bands, composers and sonic adventurers in any corner of the contemporary music landscape. I work primarily at The Acorn, my cabin studio in the mountains outside of Los Angeles.

My rate is $300 for an 8-hour work day, not including breaks, meals, hikes, etc.

Inquire for more details:
310 569 5531

Selected Recordings:

Selected Credits:

Sam Amidon
Fred Frith
Taylor Vick
Stephen Steinbrink
Astronauts, etc.
Rose Droll
Madeline Kenney
A.O. Gerber
Ben Goldberg
Sam Evian
Harry the Nightgown
Sucker Crush
Greg Fox
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith
Bridget Kearney
Benjamin Lazar Davis
Ex Eye
Matt Robidoux
John McCowen
Andrew Weathers
Sally Decker
Judith Horn
Nicholas Hurt
Poppy Patica
Rob Shelton
George Cory Todd
Night Collectors
Theresa Wong
Freak No Hitter
Rex Ruit
gabby fluke-mogul
Ryan von Gonten
Stephen Becker
Forest Floor
Henry Solomon
Taylor Rankin
Hamir Atwal
Chris Brown
Sivan Silver-Swartz
New Measurement Group
Katsy Pline
Club Cafe
Rowan Katz
Cooper Wolken
Yoko OK