adam hirsch                                   

composer &
recording engineer
in Los Angeles

I’m now taking a lower volume of recording work while in graduate school, but am still  available to make records on a case-by-case basis. My main studio is a place I call The Acorn, which is in a remote cabin in the San Gabriel Mountains, about an 80-minute drive from LA.

Within the city, I’m excited about working at any of the studios run by my former Tiny Telephone colleagues: namely the soon-to-open Altamira Sound in Alhambra, or Wiggle World in Altadena.

For people in the Bay Area, I’m still on staff at Tiny Telephone Oakland, and for NY folks, I’m on the guest staff at Figure 8 Recording in Brooklyn—places I know well and love.


                                                                                                                                                                   A selection of artists
                                                                                                                                                                    I’ve worked with:

Rates for tracking, mixing, and performing::
$250/day (9 hours)
$150/half-day (4.5 hours)

Rates for mastering (adjusted per project):

If my services can be helpful for any grassroots social justice movements and progressive organizing, I am more than happy to provide them for free.

Call or email me any time to inquire about booking or to discuss the technical / emotional / metaphysical mysteries of the recording process:
310 569 5531

Boy Scouts
Stephen Steinbrink
Sam Amidon
Fred Frith
Astronauts, etc.
Rose Droll
Madeline Kenney
Sucker Crush
Greg Fox
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith
Ex Eye
Matt Robidoux
John McCowen
Andrew Weathers
Multa Nox
Judith Horn

George Cory Todd
Night Collectors
Theresa Wong
Freak No Hitter
Rex Ruit
gabby fluke-mogul
Ryan von Gonten
Stephen Becker
Forest Floor
Henry Solomon
Taylor Rankin
Hamir Atwal
Chris Brown
Sivan Silver-Swartz
New Measurement Group
Katsy Pline

Selected Recordings:

Recording Spaces:

Tiny Telephone live room
Tiny Telephone control room
The Creek live/control room
The Creek isolation room
The Acorn