adam hirsch

composer &

recording engineer
in Los Angeles




adam hirsch                                   

composer &
recording engineer
in Los Angeles

fragments in autumn (2016).                                 
for cello trio and electronics
MFA thesis performance at Mills College Signal Flow

ellipses (2016)
4-channel playback (stereo version)
composed for 2016 San Francisco Tape Music Festival

night blanket motor shuddering rest (2017)
for cello and stereo playback
in collaboration with Helen Newby

Tunnelvision (2015)
for cello and 7-channel playback (stereo version)
in collaboration with Marissa Deitz

if it were still (2016)
for electric guitar quartet
live at Littlefield Concert Hall, Mills College

pulsing moments into light (2014)
for violin and digital delay
in collaboration with Yuri Popywyzc

16 changes in diminishing sunlight (2015)
text score / meditation for improvisers