adam hirsch                                   

composer &
recording engineer
in Los Angeles

Moments of Being: The topology of timbre and memory as a compositional process (2016)
M.F.A. thesis at Mills College, mapping spectral acoustics onto the process of remembering early childhood

Hollowness as a Spiritual Exercise (2015)
Mini-essay as companion piece to the Abe Hollow EP Spiritual Exercise

Hearing Beyond the Veil: Benjy Compson and the Acousmatic Experience (2014)
B.A. thesis at Oberlin College, exploring of William Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury through the lens of Pierre Schaffer's acousmatic research.

Time Squares / Space Circles (2013)
Meditations on Max Neuhaus's long-term sound installation in the middle of Times Square.
Published in The Wilder Voice, Oberlin, OH